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International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day 2023


The mimosa flower is often recognized globally as the symbol of International Women's Day. Like a ray of sunshine in the middle of winter, mimosa symbolizes not only sunlight but also respect, elegance, dignity, and most importantly: kindness. We couldn't think of a better flower to represent our Élan team.

At Élan, we are proud to be a woman-owned business with a strong, majority-female staff. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to offer incredible service to our clients with genuine kindness and individual care. 

Some of our team members have been with Élan for nearly ten years where others have just begun their journey with us within the last few months. Regardless of when they joined us throughout the course of our small business' story though, we are honored to have them among our staff (which oftentimes, feels more like a family). We wouldn't be able to do what we do best without them!

Wendy, McKenzie, Tatiana, Uzbah, Jacquie and Julia are members of our retail team. If you've ever called our studio, you've probably chatted with one of them or if you've visited us, you've possibly met them in-person! They are the ones perfecting every pleat of the signature wraps that your arrangements get nestled in as well as coordinating all of the delivery logistics of your orders. Our retail staff also hand-writes every one of your cards to ensure that your sentiments are beautifully communicated with love.

Yuko, Holly, Kathy, Katterina, and Ana Maria are members of our design team. They are the talented creatives behind our stunning signature collection arrangements, our delightful weekly subscriptions, and our beautiful event designs. Although they are usually back in the studio and often out of view, they are at the heart of what we do, creating individual works of art, just for you!

Alyssa and Joyce are members of our events team. They are the methodical, detail-obsessed staff members who bring client visions for their most special moments, to life. They act as the mouthpiece between client, designer, and retail staff to bring everything that is necessary for a perfect event, seamlessly together.

Christine is one of our incredible owners. She is our creative director, chief marketing officer, and overall, brand architect. She embodies the Élan brand and ensures that that vision is communicated in everything we do. Christine also takes great care of the staff, ensuring everyone has the tools to grow and thrive!

We are thankful today and everyday for each member of our Élan team and their individual impact on the work that we do.

Happy International Women's Day.

Love Always,



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